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3/4" Lapel Pin ~ $6.95 Plus S&H


The global assault on freedom has motivated sculptor Robert Henderson to create a symbol of perpetual gratitude to those who keep watch over this fragile privilege. Henderson, whose fame comes from the recording of World War II aviation history via monumental bronze warbirds, considers this newest endeavor, THE FINAL FOLD lapel pin, also an historical statement.

The symbol of the folded American flag has traditionally been our country’s parting acknowledgement of recognition of service and sacrifice. The stars and stripes, when worn by Americans, is a sign of solidarity and pride.

“The FINAL FOLD goes one step further, ”states Henderson. “It is a profound and somber statement about the supreme sacrifice asked and received from our modern-day freedom fighters.” Included are all those who serve in the preservation of freedom - police, fire and military personnel. In those roles, they have willingly agreed to guard our liberties. “It’s imperative that those men and women be acknowledged in a non-political manner, ”affirms the sculptor.

The FINAL FOLD lapel pin is a silent connection between all Americans. Politics aside, diverse opinions unspoken, The FINAL FOLD will help unite a nation in turmoil. This is a symbol of pride and gratitude to all those who keep us free - past, present and future.

The Price of Freedom

All monies derived from the sale of the pins will be donated to a tax exempt non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of American history.

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