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"The Event Called Womanhood"

The Year of the Woman has developed into a Time for All Women. No longer defining our essence within parameters, Pandora's Box has been opened. As women continue the dialogue, men are joining in. They, too, are affected by the course of events in which women are immersed: breast cancer, physical/emotional violence, aging. The goal is to unite, not separate, especially if problems are to be solved and life is to be lived fully.

That is also the goal of the series of bronzes known as "The Event Called Womanhood". The creator, Robert Henderson, watched a mother survive two mastectomies and eventually die from breast cancer, and a sister struggling with the loss of one breast and bone metastasis. The fear of a daughter becoming ill stems from the family history. His generation was taught to view women as objects. However, over the years, an awareness and sensitivity grew.

"The Event Called Womanhood" is provocative. It requires the juxtaposing of ideas previously ingrained by a callous society. The breast, certainly a symbol of womanhood, provides the focus for this series. A total of 25 bronzes - vases, torsos, fountains - represent the female child on through to the aged. "The Event" forces the viewer to recognize prejudices and evaluate the merit of each. No one will ever again find solace in ignorance.

We are sharing this unique effort with those who strive to preserve and celebrate the story of woman. We hope you will find "The Event" of interest to you and your constituents. We trust that it will inspire further communication with our Studio. "The Event" may be a stimulus for your fund-raising, or you may see it to further another endeavor. Major sponsorship would assure that this statement will be heard. The originators envision "The Event Called Womanhood" traveling to museums and galleries - hoping to benefit non-profit organizations in their efforts to raise funds and incite discussion. This is the first step towards our goal - being a conduit for awareness. Your assistance is instrumental in making this dream a reality. As our perspective is limited to where "The Event"' may benefit, we defer to your creative needs. We are sure of one thing - "The Event Called Womanhood" must be seen.


The Silence is broken

As man discovers women


The Fears are dispelled

As Woman discovers women




The Event


A serious study of woman
as child
as nurturer
and as nurtured

The Event Called WomanHood
The Event Called WomanHood

Through health and through sickness
till death do we impart

Walk this incredible visual journey

You will never be the same

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