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As time evolves, so does sculptor Robert Henderson.

His never-ending quest for growth has taken form in the sculptures he creates. Dubbed the "Warbird Sculptor" by an entire generation of World War II veterans, Robert has chosen to chronicle the history of aviation in monumental bronze sculptures.

To date, he has fathered "The Study Hall", a most unique outdoor sculpture garden at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This garden houses extraordinary bronze warbird memorials - 4 World War II fighters, 3 WorldRobert Henderson, the Warbird Sculpture War II bombers and 1 World War II cargo plane. These warbirds tell the modern day history of the Air Force to those who study at this prestigious school, as well as millions of visitors each year.

Robert has also placed his monumental sculptures - bronze, wooden, and chrome at major international airports and museums around the country. He is now embarking upon a duplication of "The Study Hall" at various sites around the country. Because Robert has many aficionados of his warbirds, he has created desktop replicas of each, which are personalized for the individual buyer.

His art has brought so much attention to this talented sculptor that Robert has been requested to create portraitures in bronze, not only of famous aviators, but also political figures and entertainment personalities. His bronze series of significant race car drivers, entitled " Race Faces ", has aroused the curiosity of influential racing magnates.

Henderson, a man with an inquisitive mind, recently researched the impact of ethnic groups in the country. His new series, "Pioneer Jews", captures the effect of noteworthy figures such as Josephine Earp and Levi Strauss.

Although many of Robert's pieces are accurate representations of life, he seeks to capture the abstract through a provocative body of work focusing upon womanhood through a series of bronze vases and fountains. Ultimately this work, meshed with live theater, will evolve into "The Event Called Womanhood".

Robert Henderson sees no boundaries. His art provides beauty and challenges thought - as all enduring art must.



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