Study HallMonumental Bronze Warbird Memorials by Robert Henderson, the Warbird Artist

National DFC Memorial

March Air Field Museum, Riverside, CA


Project Manager: James L. Champlin
951-567-5987 or 951-378-5479

The NATIONAL DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS was created by Congress 80 years ago and is America's oldest military aviation award.  The cross symbolizes sacrifice and the propeller symbolizes flight.  The combination of these symbols makes clear that the DFC is an award for heroism or achievement for individuals involved in aviation.

DFC Memorial Angle   DFC Memorial Front

This Memorial has three components:
  • The bronze DFC MEDAL (2 ft. wide)
  • Bronze airplane replica: 0A1A Loening (4 ft. wingspan)
    • The OA1A Loening was an amphibious airplane, five of which were used for the 20,000 mile Pan-American flight in 1926.
  • Bronze airplane replica: NYP Ryan (4 ft. wingspan)
    • The NYP (New Your to Paris) Ryan dates back to 1927 and made flight history as the "Spirit of St. Louis" piloted by Charles A. Lindbergh.



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