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P47 "Thunderbolt"

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P47 "Thunderbolt" Monumental Bronze Sculpture' ALIGN=

This P47 "Thunderbolt" Monumental Bronze Sculpture is a part of "The Study Hall" at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additionally, a Monumental Wooden Sculpture of a P 47 "Thunderbolt" is on display at the Douglas International Airport, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dedicated: 1993

Wingspan: 12 feet

Weight: 5000 pounds

Scale: 3/10th

P47 Thunderbolt Desktop Bronze

This P47 "Thunderbolt" Desktop Bronze Sculpture is part of a Limited Edition Desktop Bronze Collectors series. Each is an individual opportunity for the warbird enthusiast, family member of a World War II veteran, or art collector. Each piece stands approximately 1 foot high with wingspans measuring from 12 to 18 inches. Each also comes with an engraved personalized plate upon a walnut base. Each is a limited edition of 75.

P47 Thunderbolt

The P47 "Thunderbolt" wooden model is permanently housed at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina.

For More Information call: 1-800-305-1738


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